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Suddenly Stranger (Close Quarters Book 3)

I’ve been straight all my life, until I meet the man who says we’ve dated. Noah says we’ve already met, and worse, he thinks we’re exes. I lost six months of memory in an accident, but Noah's a part of my past I need to remember.You're now being redirected...

Stroking (The Sensing Lust Series)

Although some massage therapists at the local spa give their clients a little something extra from time to time, Claire has always resisted the urge to dance the happy ending hula. That is, until her favorite client triggers a desire in her that she just can’t resist.Warning: Stroking (6,100...

Royally Loved: The Royal Romances Books 1-5

When true love is at stake, passion will triumph over duty. Escape with a Prince in this collection of five full-length royal romances. Inside, you’ll find enemies to lovers, childhood sweethearts, forbidden love, and second chances, as well as bad boy princes and heroines from the wrong side of the...

Tell me to stop

I owe him a debt. The kind money can’t repay.

He wants something else: me, for one year.

But I don’t even know who he is…

365 days and nights doing everything he wants… except that.

“I’m not going to sleep with you,” I say categorically.

He laughs.

“I’m going to make you a promise,” his eyes challenge mine. “Before our time is up, you’ll beg me for it.”

Cold Love Series

They skate. They win. They’re hot AF.
Don’t miss this collection of hockey romances.

Cold As Puck
I was all in. Down on one-knee. Love you forever. ALL in. But I destroyed it. Because that’s what I do.
The worst part… I’d never see her look at me the same way. In awe of the hockey god. The stud who made her breathless in bed. The winner.
I was a champion. I lost Game Seven and the team put me on a tight leash. Now I’m back in my home town during the off-season. Forced to do penance or I’m no longer the Dires’ goalie.
But Sophie’s still there and she’s not buying my acts of atonement. Why would she? I broke her heart. She has no reason to forgive me, but I can’t skate this time.
I remember how it felt when we got under each other’s skin. So does she. Hot. Wicked. Hypnotic. Maybe if I tell her the truth, we can start over. Or, maybe I’ll lose her all over again.

Cold As Hell
Winning is supposed to feel good. That’s right, I’m coming down off the biggest high of my life. The Dire Wolves star sniper just scored the game-winning goal.

That’s me. The Champion. Stud. Hockey god.

Only I’ve become the hockey world’s villain. There’s a target on my back and my life feels like it’s spiraling. I don’t know how to get things under control. The team’s solution to the constant threats I receive?
Send in Hope Winters, NHL cyber security expert. They didn’t tell me she was beautiful, quirky, smart and sexy as f*ck. She says she doesn’t fall for hockey players. But it’s my job to find holes in the defense.
Right now, she’s the only distraction I want to focus on. I’ve always known there’s a cost to keeping score. Pushing the boundaries with Hope could change the game forever.

Cold As Ice
I’m broken. Hell, maybe it’s how I was made. It’s not only my leg that is shattered, but my heart has never been whole.
One rough play threatens to sideline my career with a splintered bone and months of physical therapy. But I fight back and find my place on a new team—the Dire Wolves.
Then I meet Noelle. Gorgeous. Funny. Smart. And a single mom. She’s been burned before and the risks are higher than ever. She has a little girl who loves hockey like it’s in her DNA. Did I mention we met at Ice Puppies hockey camp?
Noelle makes it clear she doesn’t date hockey players. No matter how good I am with my stick. There’s something she can’t deny. Our chemistry sizzles. I’m powerless to stop falling for her. If I can prove I’m not like the man who left her, There’s a chance I can have what I’ve always wanted—family.
But Noelle is stubborn and protective of her nest. It’s going to take more than a few hot nights and smooth skating to convince her I’m the man who could give her forever.

Christof Brutal (Bad Russian Book 12)

I found the woman of all my filthiest dreams. The only woman I want, and the one woman I must not touch.

As soon as my eyes first catch that curvy little minx, I sense her desires and I feel her yearning need.​
​She has no idea how her bouncy curves and the sway of her hips make a man’s need stiffen and grow. She deserves a better man than me, and a much younger man, too.​
​I want so badly to protect her and care for her. I’m aching to claim that beauty and make her mine. Forever. But I must resist the pull of her charms.​ ​

I shouldn’t feel the way I do. Not about a man who’s so much older, or any man with a past like his. Certainly not this tremor-inducing Russian who is forbidden to me on every level.​ ​

But, when soft, inexperienced Max and hard, smoldering Christof are trapped together, confined in darkness, can they hold out?​

This steamy, fast and sizzling hot, insta-love romance has all the pent-up passion and fulfillment of a raw, surging need, enough to start a forest fire. There’s no cheating and a Happy Ever After Ending, guaranteed to leave you breathless.

My Forbidden Doctor: A Secret Baby Medical Romance

He should be taking my temperature, not stealing my heart...

Melissa is a small town girl who doesn't think she needs a man. But when she bumps into a gorgeous man who desperately needs her help, she just has to play along.

Dr. Carl, the stunning pulmonologist with those to-die-for eyes, needs a stand-in girlfriend to drive away his annoying co-worker. He happens to bring it up to his patient Melissa who makes him forget about his boundaries.

Doctor-patient relationships are strictly forbidden. He knows it’s wrong but it feels so right.

He shouldn’t be risking his career, but he is for someone as sweet as her. She shouldn’t be risking her heart, but she can’t stop herself.

When their widowed parents announce that they are getting engaged to each other, disaster follows.

The hot doctor she wasn’t supposed to date is going to be a new family member she wasn’t supposed to have.

But another issue adds to the chaos: a baby she wasn’t supposed to make.

What are they going to do?

Keeping the Boss’s Baby: A Secret Baby Romance

I was focused on my business.
Not my failed engagement.

I had no more time for women who were only after my money.
Then she sat down next to me.
She was honest, raw, and in pain.
Not to mention the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen.
One night together and we both forgot our troubles for a few hours.
Now two years later she walks back into my life.
Despite my better judgement, I give her a job.
One that keeps her a little too close to me.
Just where I want her. Always.
Now the walls are tumbling down around me.
Paige isn’t who I thought she was, and worse yet,
She’s keeping a secret that will blow my whole world apart.

A secret that looks a hell of a lot like me.

The Boss’s Obsession: Daddy’s Taboo Secrets 2

It seemed too good to be true. Harrison Brig – CEO, philanthropist, owner of a body chisled from Greek marble – wanted to be with me.

That’s a guaranteed happily ever after.

It turns out that winning a man’s heart and keeping a man’s heart are two very different things. Now all those restrictions that we were supposed to leave in the past are trying to keep Harrison and me apart from each other for good.

But I won’t take this lying down.

Mr. Brig chose me because I can give him what no one else is able to.

And I will try everything imaginable to keep his attention on me.

Daddy’s Taboo Secrets will give you red-hot romance with the satisfying HEA that you’re looking for in each new story that gets released.

Between her Rock and a Hard Place: Daddy’s Taboo Secrets 3

I would do anything for Harrison Brig. He completes me in ways that no other man will ever be able to match.

But I never dreamed that I would cross this line.

I never suspected that a woman’s touch would win my mind – or my heart.

Besides, Harrison is all I’ve ever wanted. All I’ve ever needed.

So when he wants me to explore this new side of myself, I’ll happily surrender to his cravings.

Our cravings.

Because I’ve never been brave enough to experiment with something so forbidden. But if it brings me closer to Mr. Brig, then I’ll go down any road he desires.

Daddy’s Taboo Secrets will give you red-hot romance with the satisfying HEA that you’re looking for in each new story that gets released.