Merry & Bright (Christmas of Love)

Merry & Bright (Christmas of Love) by Mayra Statham
Merry & Bright (Christmas of Love) by Mayra Statham

Merribelle ‘Merry’ Torres has no idea how completely gone I am for her. As her boss, I’ve kept my hands to myself. But once I realize she has feelings for me, I make sure to have something up my sleeve this holiday season.

What a better back drop to make our holiday wishes come true than Santa Claus, Indiana!

Brighton ‘Bright’ North makes my cynical heart pitter patter. It is not just his dreamy, good looks, and the broadest shoulders I’ve ever checked out. His heart of gold and modesty make him a mystery to me. But my billionaire boss is out of my league, so I keep my feelings and fantasies to myself.

Until they suddenly start becoming true.

Come along for a jolly good time as Merry & Bright fall head over candy cane in love!