Hard to Know

There’s a thin line between love and hate.

My sister needs me at her wedding, but I didn’t know I’d be hitching a ride across the country with Ben, my high-school nemesis. That’s too much time to spend with the last guy I want to see, but I don’t have any other options. We might not get along, but we’re adults now, and I won’t let my sister down.

Ben and I have history, and it’s not the kind of history I can forgive. But this new Ben isn’t the jerk I remember, and that makes it even harder to ignore how hot he’s gotten. It’s almost enough to make me forget what he did—almost.

Besides, even if Ben is gorgeous now, I don’t need a relationship, especially with the problems I’m facing at the youth center I run. He’s still my nemesis, and it’ll take more than those smoldering eyes to get me to trust him.

Old rivalries don’t burn out—they simmer.

I’ve changed, but Caden’s grudge hasn’t.

When my cousin asks me to give a stranger a ride across the country, I figure a friend of his is a friend of mine. But when I recognize the handsome stranger as Caden, I realize I’m about to be trapped on a road trip with a guy who’s hated me since high school.

What happened between us is more complicated than he thinks, but he doesn’t know that. The damage was done a long time ago. Still, that doesn’t stop me from imagining what his body would feel like under mine. With him this close to me, it’s impossible not to wonder.

Caden probably thinks I’m the same guy he knew in high school, and I don’t know if he’ll ever be able to trust me. But when it comes to trouble, he might be the only guy I can turn to—if this road trip doesn’t kill us.

My heart’s in the hands of my worst enemy.

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