Sworn by Blood (Of the Blood Book 1)

Sworn by Blood (Of the Blood Book 1) by J.R. Pearse Nelson
Sworn by Blood (Of the Blood Book 1) by J.R. Pearse Nelson

The old gods used to walk among us. Some still bear their noble blood. Most will never know it.

Hazel can’t help what she is. Being the daughter of a love god isn’t all fun and games. She wants no part of her father’s world. Otherworld forests are full of huge, scary creatures and annoying pixie pests. And the people there are no better…they’ve never even given her a chance.

She wants nothing to do with Sidhe men, either. Especially after that last time…

But her effect on human men (and women, for that matter) makes a normal relationship impossible, not to mention introducing some seriously awkward situations.

Ian has spent the last year on a fruitless mission to fulfill a family obligation set long, long before his time. All he’s found is trouble. Now he needs the love god’s help to see the end of this task and get back home. Until then, he’s stuck beyond the veil in the human world, while plots against his future rule thicken back in Underworld.

What better way to bargain with a love god than through his daughter?

But Hazel won’t be a pawn in Sidhe games. And Ian must make peace with his family’s legacy; he must do it soon. Somehow, they’ll have to work together, before time runs out.