Jagged Edge (Mountain Men Book 2)

Rule number one: don’t play with fire.

As an outdoorsman, hosting a survivalist reality show is my dream job—lots of cameras, but it’s taken me all over the world. When we show up in beautiful Park City to film, I’m expecting a quiet, relaxing break from the norm. Eddie’s an alluring change in plans.

He’s laid-back, unhurried, and drives me up the wall every time we’re together—but I can’t get him out of my head. I don’t care that I’ve never been with a man before, Eddie is the breath of fresh air I didn’t realize I needed, and it isn’t long before things get out of hand.

After a terrifying search and rescue mission, we start flirting with danger, and I suddenly find his carefree attitude magnetic. This isn’t like me; I don’t do casual. But I don’t know if Eddie can do serious, either.

And I can’t let him get any closer without things getting complicated.

There’s a hard man under that harder exterior.

I don’t get starstruck. Not even when my brothers decide to host a gorgeous survival show star and his crew at our bed & breakfast. I’m usually busy working with our local search and rescue team, so I don’t expect to get along with a television crew—until I meet Sean.

For an outdoorsman, Sean is more than good looks and charisma. He’s a survivalist with a good head on his shoulders, and I’m unexpectedly intrigued. Trouble is, he’s a perfectionist who never turns off, and my laid-back attitude rubs him raw.

He says he’s not here for romance, though the long glances we share make me wonder if that’s true. But the closer we inch together, the worse it’ll hurt when he leaves. He’s everything I’

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