The Search for Prince Charming (Royal Rendezvous Book 1)

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A reality TV show fit for a princess…
…And the hot camera guy who is about to royally mess up this courtship.

When Princess Sophie, heir to the throne of the Democratic Kingdom of Alstadia, agrees to an arranged marriage, a reality TV dating competition is hardly the courtship she has in mind. With twelve suitors fighting to win her hand, Sophie fears she will make the wrong choice and get her heart broken on national television. But as the competition goes on, Sophie is drawn not to one of the competitors, but to someone in the film crew.

Oliver Russo is a cameraman on the show, which means he is privy to all of the unfiltered, behind-the-scenes content. When he overhears a contestant lying to and manipulating Sophie, he breaks the rules of the show and tells her what he knows. Sophie relies on Oliver to spy for her, and soon the two uncover a plot that runs deeper than simple reality TV drama.

As they collaborate behind-the-scenes, Sophie realizes that her connection with Oliver is much more natural–and much steamier–than any she has with the contestants. Which presents quite the problem, since she has promised to be married before the end of the summer. And Sophie never breaks a promise to her people…