Mickey’s Baby (SEAL Daddies)

Mickey's Baby (SEAL Daddies) by Annie J Rose
Mickey’s Baby (SEAL Daddies) by Annie J Rose
A hot vacation fling could turn into something more…
Or it could cost us our lives.

I’ve waited months for Karin to come back to the island.
Now she’s here and we can pick right back up where we left off.
I was so terribly wrong.
She’s cagey, aloof, and pushing me away.
I try to show her that I’m the real deal,
But she’s keeping me at arm’s length.
Now she’s seen something she wasn’t supposed to,
And her life is in danger.
She tries to tell me she doesn’t need my help,
But we both know that’s a lie.
I’m a good guy, an ex-SEAL who served with honor,
But there’s no line I won’t cross to protect what’s mine.

And make no mistake about it,
Karin’s all mine.