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November, 25th, 2020.

Her Billionaire Daddy

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Marry him for eighteen months and receive two million dollars for her trouble. The only catch…

He owns the hottest lifestyle club in all of New York City. It’s secretive, exclusive, and caters to Daddy Doms.

Romance author, Samantha Bellamy, is shocked when she attends a book signing and runs into her high school crush, Martin Taylor.

He’s a billionaire with a secret. He’s owner of an exclusive club for Daddy Doms and littles to openly explore the lifestyle.

He’s also notorious for his playboy personality, bedding a new woman every night.

There’s a deal to be made worth potentially billions and Martin can’t let it get away. The only problem is the board of directors doesn’t like his playboy persona.

He offers Samantha the deal of a lifetime. Marry him for eighteen months and receive two million dollars for her trouble. The only catch, no sex.

Oh, and she has to call him Daddy!

🔥 Heat Level 5

A Royal Ruse

What’s the only Christmas surprise better than a prince in disguise? Two of them.

The town of Yuletide, Maine is a winter wonderland, full of Christmas-themed shops, light displays, and cookie baking contests… plus a criminal money laundering front. Prince Alaister of the Kingdom of Alstadia is here to investigate. Which becomes difficult when he meets Ama, a handsome commoner visiting the town…or so he thinks.

But Ama is not a tourist on a Christmas vacation. He is Prince Jean-Michel Amadou Musa Des Rois, younger brother to the King of Port des Rois. Like Alaister, Amadou has come to Yuletide following threads of corruption.

Both men are clever in their investigations, but their efforts thwart each other in a comedy of errors as their identities get tangled and their intentions get steamy.

It will take a Christmas miracle to untangle this royal ruse!

A MM holiday romantic comedy.

♨️ Heat Level 4

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The Tempting of a Devilish Lord

One might not know it to look at her, but the uptight Lucinda was once quite the adventurer. So much so it very nearly landed her in a whole world of trouble.

She’s determined the same fate won’t befall her headstrong little sister. It might be a dull existence but at least it’s safe.

At least until she meets the Marquis of Kirbeck.

♨️ Heat Level 4

Strking Distance

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I never imagined I’d get caught in the crossfire between the D.E.A. and the Mexican cartel. After a failed kidnapping attempt, a bodyguard attaches himself to my hip. Why does it have to be Victor: my best friend’s brother?

It doesn’t matter that I’ve had a crush on him since I was sixteen; we rub each other the wrong way. Except now that we’re forced together something changes between us. I trust Victor to keep me safe, but can I trust him with my heart?

♨️ Heat Level 4

A Chance for Arus

Playing with fire.

Recently rescued from a Dominion slave ship, the last thing Mia needs is to be bogged down by a relationship. But she can’t get the sexy mercenary and the things he did to her body out of her head. The guy is built like a god, and even better with his mouth.

Mia knows it’s dangerous to keep seeing him. Triggering his mating bond means he’d steal her away and keep her locked up on his ship.

Arus isn’t the type to settle down, but little human Mia has gotten under his skin and triggered the start of a mating bond. The smart thing to do is to stop seeing her and halt the bond in its tracks. But as one night turns into two, he realizes that it’s too late. He wants to keep her forever!

But all is not well on Reka 5. Someone is sabotaging the perimeter fence and putting the colony in danger. When human females start disappearing, will Arus be able to keep Mia safe? And will Mia choose freedom over the male who loves her more than life itself?

Can be read as a stand-alone or as part of a series. Sweet and steamy scenes ahead. HEA guaranteed!

🔥 Heat Level 5