#TeXXXt Me: A Reverse Harem Romance Collection

#TeXXXt Me: A Reverse Harem Romance Collection by Sarwah Creed

A Collection of Three Hot Sexting standalone, full-length, light-hearted romances. Reverse harem, romantic comedy and mystery in one bundle!

Book 1 – Triple #teXXXt. Amazon top 30 Bestseller
Suddenly, I got a text. Not any ordinary text, but one so dirty that it drove my mind wild. It messed with me, so I responded. And that’s how the texting relationship started. As the texts got dirtier, there was only one thing on my mind… who was this guy? Or was it three guys?

Book 2 – Quadruple #teXXXt
The four hot studs on the baseball team wanted one thing, to have one woman in Vegas and that woman was me. There were a couple of issues… #1 I found a phone in the library, not anyone else’s phone but Amanda’s – the girl that had tortured me throughout uni. #2 The four hot studs happened to be texting Amanda, not me.
They wanted me; they didn’t know who I was. But they were about to find out. It was time to get my own back on the university bully, and I wasn’t going to do it alone…

Book 3 – The Hookup #teXXXt
Why is my perfect match the only guy I hate on campus? When I join the college dating app, I’m expecting to be matched with someone who’s my type. Instead, I get the college prankster, Elijah. He might be good looking, he might even be chivalrous, but that doesn’t mean I’m interested. I think it’s a mistake, or maybe one of his pranks. I keep my distance for a while, but I’m only human. Mistake is my middle name.

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