The Forever Kind: Sully (The McKenna Brothers Book 1)

Two people caught in a storm of chance. What does destiny have in mind for them?

Sully McKenna reached superstardom more easily than most. Part of it was talent, part of it was luck – and fate. He’s surrounded by a loving family, adoring fans, and has a fabulous career, yet something is missing. It’s tough to complain when he has far more than he has a right to claim. He’s put himself in a holding pattern because he has to fulfill a promise: he has three months to finish the classes he needs for his degree. Then maybe he’ll put a little more effort into figuring out that niggling part of him that keeps reminding him that fame and fortune haven’t made him complete. He wakes every morning feeling lost. He’s yearning for something elusive. He really needs to take the time to find out what…

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