Your essential Monday romance reading

Your recommended reads for today,
February, 17th, 2020.

A Valentine’s Chase

When Meadow’s blind date goes badly wrong, she discovers that the world of fae and a city full of shifters actually exist – and that wolf shifter Rafe won’t let a disastrous first date deter him from a second.

When Meadow is kidnapped by a rogue pack, Rafe will fight any monster to rescue her. Will they spend another Valentine’s Day alone?

♨️ Heat Level 4


Eric’s the most tempting eligible man I’ve met in ages. The problem? His identical brother has eyes for me too. I never thought a man could hold me down, but with the twins around, I’ve got two who want to do just that.

? Heat Level 5

Choose your Heat!
? Heat Level 1: Clean romance (no swearing or on-page steam)
? Heat Level 2: Sweet romance (mild swearing and some sensual scenes)
♥️ Heat Level 3: Middle of the Road, some on-page naughtiness
♨️ Heat Level 4: Steamy on page scenes and language
? Heat Level 5: Explicit/Graphic – hot, hot, hot!

Alien Breed: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance

He didn’t know he had a heart.
He only knew he had to breed.

When I arrive on Planet Avalon, I have every reason to believe we will succeed our mission. Boy, was I wrong.
Darkness surrounds the planet. At night, the savage alien takes me. From the beginning, this mission was a lie.
I’m alone with the most brutal alien in the universe, but he promises to save my life… on one condition…

It’s mating season, and he’s not letting me go until I have his baby.

? Heat Level 5

Forbidden Desires: A Contemporary Romance Box Set

Five full standalone novels full of steamy forbidden romances sure to heat up the coldest winter nights.

Settle in with these sexy bad boys and the ladies who’ve been forbidden to love them.

♨️ Heat Level 4

Big Bad Daddy

Years ago, one fateful night changed my world.
He took my virginity, then left town.
Now, it’s up to me to clear his name.
If this isn’t irony I don’t know what is.

I watch as Martin leans back in his chair.
Arms folded over a broad chest.
An unshakable confidence that makes my blood BOIL.
Still devilishly handsome.
Turns out the devil is twisted. Arrogant. Cold.

It’s up to me to clear his name.
Our past? Complicated.
The only thread that still remains…
Is a precious little girl he knows nothing about.

“Let’s get this the h*ll over with.”
My finger presses record as I brace myself.
“Anything you say can and will be used against you…”

♨️ Heat Level 4

One Night Stand: Enemies to Lovers Box Set

I gave him my v-card for Valentine’s, now
nothing will ever be the same.

One night stands with these gorgeous
billionaires are far from simple.
Especially when an unexpected pregnancy is

♨️ Heat Level 4

The Forever Kind: Sully

Two people caught in a storm of chance. What does destiny have in mind for them?

Sully McKenna reached superstardom more easily than most. Part of it was talent, part of it was luck – and fate. He’s surrounded by a loving family, adoring fans, and has a fabulous career, yet something is missing. It’s tough to complain when he has far more than he has a right to claim. He’s put himself in a holding pattern because he has to fulfill a promise: he has three months to finish the classes he needs for his degree. Then maybe he’ll put a little more effort into figuring out that niggling part of him that keeps reminding him that fame and fortune haven’t made him complete. He wakes every morning feeling lost. He’s yearning for something elusive. He really needs to take the time to find out what…

♥️ Heat Level 3