Ember & The Oakland Pack : A Shifter Reverse Harem

Ember & The Oakland Pack: A Shifter Reverse Harem by Bailey James
Ember & The Oakland Pack: A Shifter Reverse Harem by Bailey James

My packs been pressured to find a mate, so I devised a plan. I’m heading into the big city with my twin Alfie for six months. With my looks and brains, we’ll bag one in a month and spend the rest of the time enjoying ourselves. What could possibly go wrong?

My life has been dark and miserable, I’ve pulled away from everyone close and I admit to myself I’m moping.
However, I would never have imagined I would build up a friendship with two shifters helping them to find a mate. Two shifters who are absolutely clueless about human women and their needs. Who bring a bit of light into my dark days and make me laugh with their innocent clueless ways, and bounds of energy.
Two shifters who end up sending me on a rollercoaster of a ride and I discover things about myself and them that could ruin us all.
I finally meet their pack and I discover they are not quite how they are described. Things are not quite as they seem. Huge secrets are being kept and I accidentally stumble onto information I shouldn’t know.
Could the Oakland Pack change my life for better or worse?

This book is a hot and steamy reverse harem standalone. About one girl and a shifter pack. There is various scenes of explicit sex including group sex and m/m.
There is also a lot of love and a happy ever after.