The only problem with small towns is that there’s almost always something sinister lurking. Trapped in more ways than one, I found myself terrified of Gabriel but falling for Sebastian. The worst part was, I couldn’t tell them apart. Identical twins using me as their plaything, taking me to theContinue Reading

Wall Street Journal bestselling author Nicole Snow returns with a laugh-out-loud wild office romance where two total opposites fight to deny their perfect chemistry. I’ve caught a raging case of bosshole. Signing on as a company driver for Brandt Ideas felt like a dream. Big-girl salary. Stellar benefits. Glorious people—minusContinue Reading

What’s a girl to do when she discovers that her boss/boyfriend (I don’t need a lecture, thank you very much!) is a cheating windbag? Dump him and quit her job, of course. After that, it was supposed to be the Summer of Me—a totally self-indulgent few months. Except that IContinue Reading

After being dumped at a strip club during my bachelorette party, I didn’t expect to be rescued by four hot-as-sin men who work there. One moment, I’m staring at the gorgeous twin strippers up on stage. The next, I’m reading a devastating text from my fiancé. I moved across theContinue Reading

When the pitcher becomes the catch, all bets are off… Baseball pitcher, Anders Verbeck, is blindsided when he meets the star batter for the USA women’s baseball team. He’s at the top of his game, with a host of willing fangirls, but the moment Brooke comes hurling into his life,Continue Reading

A curse, a vision, and a secret. With a flimsy piece of evidence and a Psychic vision, “Miss Butterfly”, crashes the Reyes Brother’s charity fundraiser hoping one of them believes in curses. She has a devastating secret and they may be her last chance to get answers. Fearing the afflictionContinue Reading

★Blake and Kayla’s story★ Sometimes, the truth is not always the answer. Circumstance bought them together. Connection brings them closer. Can an alliance save them? Running for her life, seventeen-year-old Kayla wishes her parents were here to train her now she’s finally received her magic. Instead, they leave her withContinue Reading

Wall Street Journal bestselling author Nicole Snow returns with a steamy and electrifying standalone romance thriller where one ginormous protector goes all-in to win Miss Unlucky. You know the drill. Big hands, big feet, humongous— Yikes. We’re not going there for the thousandth time. I’ve got small-town problems aplenty andContinue Reading

What are the rules for dating a widower, anyway? When Amara sees ex-boyfriend, Jake, at a wedding, she finds him as irresistible as she remembers. She’s drawn to him, but picking up where they left off four years ago becomes a minefield of sizzling chemistry, painful memories, and difficult realities.Continue Reading