The Adventures of Blue Faust: Omnibus 1-4

This is a collection of books 1-4 of The Adventures of Blue Faust

The adventure begins as an ordinary girl gets swept into strange—and deadly—new worlds…

After the death of her father, Blue Faust is struggling. But when she and her mother move to a new city yet again, Blue is determined to begin living her life once more. Everything is starting to come together. Then, while out hiking with some new friends, the ground shakes, the air changes, and they find themselves in a strange land. Somehow, they’ve been transported to a new world. And that’s just the beginning.

Join Blue as she sets off on an extraordinary adventure full of new planets, new cultures and new beasties. There will be grumpy barbarians, playful mercenaries, beast-mounts, razor-clawed killer-kittens, long-buried family secrets, and even a love that will defy worlds. Oh, and did we mention she’s the key to stopping a psycho-crazed almost-god intent on conquering the known universe?

***This is a reverse harem story. There will be some sexy times, swearing and violence. You know, the good stuff. You have been warned.***

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