Crow (The Sinful Guardians MC Book 1)


One minute I’m content just enjoying life with my club, running one of the businesses we own, and the next a woman sneaks her way under my skin for the first time in my life.

I never saw her coming.

Wild hair, almost black, and dark brown eyes star in my fantasies, but Paisley keeps herself out of reach. She’s shielded behind a solid brick wall that I want to knock down more than I’ve ever wanted anything. As I get to know her, my hero complex grows as fast as the chemistry burning between us. Maybe it’s just the former soldier and the sergeant at arms in me talking, but I want to protect her from both my past and whoever sent her running to Montana.

And I will protect her, because this woman is mine.


Three months ago, I found out how much cruelty can flow through someone’s veins. My whole world collapsed, and suffocating fear for the most precious thing life has ever given me sent me running.

Now, Montana is my new home. For how long? Only time will tell.

But when fate puts a sturdy, intense biker in my path, everything changes. The connection between Seth and me is palpable, and it grows stronger every day that I get to know him. It lures us together despite my efforts to stay away. And clearly, I fail at staying away. Because soon, what scares me the most is no longer the dreadful ghost of my recent past.

Now, I’m terrified I’ll have to run away again and lose the man I’m falling in love with.

*Every book in the Sinful Guardians MC series is a standalone that features a different couple and ends with a HEA.
*Dual POV.
*Crow is not a dark MC romance but includes steamy scenes. *Crow is a full-length novel of about 93k words.

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