Backstage: A Rock and Love story (Roadies Series Book 1)

An emotional, heartwarming rock star romance with a slow burn, angst, and an abiding friendship.

Damian Jones never chose to become a rock star. He was forced into music, and the celebrity lifestyle fell into his lap. He is lucky, and he knows it. He never takes money and stardom for granted. And if the perks of fame are women throwing themselves at him, who is he to say no? But sometimes the private life of a rock star is far less glamourous than the one painted in gossip magazines.

Lilly Jenkins dreams of being a rock star. Music saved her life as a teenager, and she will always be thankful for that. But since her band won the contest to go on tour with the most famous rock band in the world, her worst nightmare becomes a reality: paparazzi stalk her everywhere, judging her every move. To make things worse, she is attracted to the only man that draws gossip like a moth to the flame: Damian Jones.

Backstage is a heartfelt love story with a cocky, damaged, redeemable hero, a hot mess heroine, the tight spaces of a tour bus, and a bit of steam.

Buy this riveting page-turner Happily Ever After. Just be prepared to stay up late!

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