Carrying The Wolf’s Baby: The Wolves of Lupine Falls Book Two

Years ago, Keziah went rogue. He’d had enough of his dad and stepmom. He’d set out on an adventure with his family. He ended up owning a bar that he loved, with an eclectic mix of customers. Little did he know that one of his regulars was his fated mate or that she’d come to mean absolutely everything to him.


Our story began with little more than a dare. A challenge. A chance to do something wild and possibly dangerous. Well, dangerous to my heart. I could marry Keziah, have his baby, and be on my merry little way.

But now I’m carrying my wolf shifter husband’s baby and tragedy might just be around the corner. There’s an evil from his past that just won’t go away. An evil that could take far more than just our chance at love. It might just keep us from ever knowing our baby and just how happy we can all be.


I can’t let anything happen to the only woman I’ve ever loved or to the little sister I didn’t know I had. Nothing can get in the way of ensuring they’re safe. Not my past, not my clan, and certainly not Jaina herself. When a threat from the past comes back into my life, can I protect us all so that we can finally have our happily ever after, or does fate have another plan in mind for my mate and I?

A Brief Note: This is book two of Jaina and Keziah’s story. The books should be read in order to fully enjoy the story.
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