Suite Cravings: A Standalone Steamy Billionaire Romance (The Bachelors of Billionaire Heights Book 2)

When an arrogant billionaire hires an opinionated young woman to be his live-in private chef, sparks fly… and not just in the kitchen.

Cleo is the most eccentric woman I’ve ever met, and that’s something I don’t need right now. I’m in charge of finding residents for the luxurious high-rise my brothers and I built, plus, my six-year-old daughter, Lucy, is living with me full-time now.

It’s enough to make a man tear out his hair, especially when Lucy refuses to eat anything my five-star chef prepares. Then someone starts leaving child-friendly meals in my refrigerator. After a little detective work, I discover it’s Cleo.

When she moves in as my private chef, things heat up fast. I can’t decide if she’s Miss Right or Miss Right-Out-Of-Her-Mind, but I can’t get her out of my head… and I sure as hell want her in my bed.

**Suite Cravings is a romance novel with steamy scenes, no cheating, and a happy ending. It can be read as a standalone, or after Suite Encounter.**

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