Every Star that Shines (Peace Country Romance)

Sometimes the star you wish on is the one that leads you home.

Delanie Fletcher’s life is a dumpster fire. One innocent mistake and the rising actor has been deplatformed by her fans and fired from a lucrative TV series gig by her own boyfriend . . . ex-boyfriend. But when she returns home to bury the grandmother who inspired her acting dream—and piece her life back together—she runs smack into the man who crushed her heart when she left.

Caleb Toews gave up his screenwriting aspirations, but the divorced dad wouldn’t give up his daughter for the world. When his high school sweetheart breezes back into town as the director of his daughter’s play, he can no longer ignore his old regrets. But Delanie was born to be on the big screen, and his place is in Peace Crossing—far from Canada’s film industry.

As Delanie once more comes to rely on Caleb’s steadiness and creativity, she sees why her grandmother quit acting for love. But she’s not ready to give up on her career—nor on the man who has always believed in her. Despite what the kids sing in the play, wishing on stars won’t make all your dreams come true . . . will it?

Every Star that Shines is the first book in the clean, sweet Peace Country romance series. If you like second-chance small-town romance, relatable heroines with big dreams, stand-up guys doing their best, and emotional page-turners with happy endings, come get to know Caleb and Delanie.

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