My Two Criminals

They broke out of jail. Now they’re going to break my heart.

It’s taken me five long years to get over Nathan and Finn. We were lovers, partners, and friends – until I came home from work one day to find the house cleared out and both of my boyfriends missing.

I never knew why they left.

Now they’re back, and they insist that I’m the only one that can help them.

I should probably call the police. Aiding and abetting is wrong. But just standing next to them gives me the shivers, and every minute in their presence reminds me of how good it was, before the secrets and the lies.

I don’t want to turn them in before I get my closure. But how can I turn them in at all when being with them still feels so right?

This steamy, angsty stand alone features one high speed car chase, two bullet wounds, and three men who deserve the reconnection of a lifetime. My Two Criminals is a second edition rerelease, previously titled Run. It has been re-edited and expanded – with an even better HEA!

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