Chastise My Deceitful Lady: Victorian Domestic Discipline Box Set (The Victorian Domestic Discipline Chronicles)

Three Victorian historical novels. Three spunky young women determined to rise above the painful challenges of a strict society to find their happily ever after.

To Have and To Chastise: A Victorian Marriage of Convenience Romance:
When her wastrel Earl of a father gambles away her hand in marriage, the beautiful Lady Henrietta Fallon claims she’s already secretly wed to the handsome vicar. To protect the lady’s reputation, Alfred Conley backs up the story in public―but he exacts his price in private. Any wife of his must be subject to domestic discipline, and he does not tolerate lies.

The Duke’s Daughter’s Devious Double:
A Victorian Switched Identities Romance: Born on the wrong side of the blanket, Sally switches places with her half-sister to sneak her way into a rigorous finishing school meant only for highborn young ladies. New headmaster Gerard believes in the power of domestic discipline to transform spoiled duke’s daughters into proper young wives. But, in Sally, he may have met his match.

Deceit and Discipline: A Victorian Lady in Disguise Heist Novel:
Dolly Hughes is a mistress of disguise. When she poses as a mere snip of a maid to find a rare diamond, she becomes subject to an isolated manor’s strange domestic discipline practices. Warning: This third book is not a traditional romance, and some may consider the larcenous Dolly to be a bit of an anti-heroine, but you may expect her to triumph in the end.

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