Caveman Alien’s Catch (Caveman Aliens Book 15)

A caveman has caught me.

He took me by surprise, and now he’s running through the jungle with me thrown over one shoulder.
I’m hanging down his back, fury and fear tearing at me. Because on this prehistoric planet where dinosaurs run unchecked, absolutely everything can kill me.
But I’m pretty sure this striped guy is the most dangerous predator of them all. A quick, bloody death is actually not the worst outcome here.
I think I can just about reach up under his loincloth with one hand. My nails are jagged and sharp.
Let’s see if I can’t deflate that huge tent he’s pitching…

She’s the only woman I’ve ever seen.

And she’s incredible, so small and soft and round as she hangs across my shoulder.
I grin as I run crashing through the jungle. Pure joy filled me when I realized that I could simply catch her and mate with her.
My cave is ready for her.
Judging from the intense swelling in my crotch, so am I.

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