Jock Blocked: A Billionaires on the Beach Standalone Reverse Harem Romance (Roommates Book 2)

Three gorgeous billionaires. One ordinary curvy girl. A week on a private island without enough beds.

My sister’s getting married on a beautiful tropical island. As the maid of honor, I’ve planned a week of wedding festivities surrounded by pristine beaches, stunning pools, and first-class accommodations.

Sounds perfect, right? Except a recent hurricane destroyed half the cabins, and now there aren’t enough to go around. I’m forced to room with two horrible bridesmaids who treat me like dirt.

The three best men take pity on me and invite me to stay with them. There’s Brock, a tall, dark, and handsome mystery—one I’d love to unravel. Kincade is easy-going with a wicked sense of humor. And Jessie has kind eyes and a smile that melts panties—especially mine. They may be powerful CEOs, but on the island, they’re total jocks—surfing, playing beach volleyball, swimming laps in the pool and with those super ripped bodies, they’re pretty damn hard to ignore.

Four people and two beds makes for some interesting nights.

As the week progresses, we share intimate conversations, drinks in their private hot tub, and, well, everything.

That’s until the other guests figure out our sleeping arrangement, and I’m embroiled in a scandal that opens an old rift between my sister and me. I’m sorry for the pain I’ve caused her, but I can’t regret losing my heart to such amazing men.

Will my sister ever forgive me? And will three powerful billionaires still want a woman like me once our magical week is over?

This is a full-length, steamy reverse harem romance featuring three incredible men you’ll fall in love with. No cheating. No cliffhangers. But definitely a happy ending.

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