Caveman Alien’s Wood: A Secret Pregnancy Romance

Caveman Alien’s Wood: A Secret Pregnancy Romance

One night of passion doesn’t mean that he owns me.
But this caveman strongly disagrees.

It shouldn’t be this easy to kidnap an Earth girl. But here I am, tied down on a boat with my caveman abductor, going down rapids and away from my friends. I guess I should be more alert for strange underwater shadows on a prehistoric planet where dinosaurs roam around.

I don’t need to ask what he’s planning. His loincloth can’t hide his excitement.
I’m feeling the effect, too. Because this isn’t the first time I meet Karet’ox. We shared a wordless night of passion a while back. But now he thinks that means I am his mate.

Umm, no. He’s a spectacular specimen of a male, and he’s as strong as a dozen velociraptors. But he mostly communicates in grunts and one-syllable commands. And he’s so possessive, it’s getting scary.
If he doesn’t lighten up, I’ll jump ship and he will never know that I’m already pregnant by him…

Caveman Alien’s Wood is the nineteenth book in the Caveman Aliens series of science fiction romance novels. It’s a secret pregnancy romance between a cranky caveman alien and a feisty girl from Earth.

The books are complete stories, but should be read in order for maximum enjoyment.

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