Caveman Alien’s Cage (Caveman Aliens Book 18)

He tied me up and put me in a cage. I should hate him. So why can’t I look away from his twitching pants?

Morfan’ox is the most striking warrior in his caveman tribe. Supremely confident, eight feet tall, with bright green stripes and muscles from here to Earth, he moves like he owns this deadly alien jungle.

I’ve barely talked to him, but he’s always on my mind. But his tribe and mine are enemies. I can’t go near him. So when he caught me with his lasso and put me in a cage, I did my best to escape. I’m not going to be a plaything for a tribe of woman-less virgin cavemen.

The bulge in his pants moves when he looks at me through the bars of the cage. I know he keeps something highly exotic in there. And my own body betrays me with a hot surge every time his eyes shoot blue lightning at me.

But if he thinks that this Earth girl will be impregnated by a grumpy, dinosaur-whispering single father like him, he’s in for a surprise.

I know his weak point. And I’m going to hit it as hard as can…

Caveman Alien’s Cage is the eighteenth book in the Caveman Aliens series of science fiction romance novels. It’s an alien abduction single father romance between a cranky caveman alien and a feisty girl from Earth.

The books are complete stories, but should be read in order for maximum enjoyment.

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