Coyote’s Vow (Stranger Creatures Book 4)

Kylie Claremont wants answers. She was the victim of a brutal experiment that caused her to develop telekinetic abilities. The doctors at the research facility disappeared without a trace and she was left with some strange abilities and a lot of questions. Determined not to let the past destroy her, she built a successful career as a web developer and found a place on the Psy Guild Council. Even though the guild members look down on her for being a lab created psy, she’s working hard to bring changes to the closed-minded group. The position she’s offered as a liaison between Shifters United and the Psy Guild will give her the chance to find the elusive research company that disappeared after experimenting on her and bring them to justice. The only thing standing in her way is an arrogant coyote shifter who is convinced that Kylie is a threat to shifters and shouldn’t be allowed to be a part of Shifters United. She never expected to fall for the gruff, mistrustful man but he has a sweet side that takes her by surprise.

Coyote shifter Trevor Ryland will never trust the psy. Still, he knows the time has come to strengthen the tentative alliance between shifters and psy. He fully intends to ignore his attraction to the beautiful psy liaison, but he’d never forgive himself if something happened to her. His plan to protect her from afar is wrecked when they’re forced to work together. Kylie could be his mate but he can’t let that happen. Before he can stop himself, he vows to protect her by any means necessary. A more serious vow than he intended to give. The struggle to deny his need for the one woman with the power to destroy him gets harder every day.

During their search for the traveling research group that turns unsuspecting subjects into psy, Trevor and Kylie uncover a web of greed and deceit. Traitors want to silence them and opportunists want to capture and exploit everyone with strange abilities. Trevor and Kylie will have to work fast and fight hard to stop the deranged research group CEO’s latest plans or psy and shifters everywhere will suffer.

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