Stunt Doubled: A Movie Star Standalone Reverse Harem Romance (Roommates Book 3)

Movie star Aiden Hunt is as arrogant as he is handsome. It also turns out that:

– He’s my stepbrother
– We hate each other on sight
– I have to move in with him, his twin brother, and their best friend

When my career goes up in flames, I have no choice but to call my estranged father. He gets me a job on the set of a movie, but there’s a catch. The stepbrothers I never wanted to meet work there, too.

Leading man Aiden Hunt is known as much for his good looks as the high-octane movies he makes. His twin, stunt double Tanner, has the same handsome features, but he’s as kind and warm as Aiden is aloof and cocky. Their best friend, Ford, is the fight coordinator, and his incredible combat skills attract me almost as much as his limber, muscular body.

The three men share a house while filming on location, and due to a shortage of hotel rooms, I’m forced to stay with them. It’s hard not to resent the twins who took my father away from me as a child. At least Ford makes me laugh and takes me under his wing, teaching me stunts and fighting techniques. Eventually, Tanner slips past my guard, too.

As for Aiden… he might be a jerk, but I discover that he knows pain, just like I do. We fight, we bicker, but maybe we’re more alike than I want to admit.

Nothing’s ever easy, though. My father carries a lot of weight on the set, and he’s opposed to me learning stunt work. He’ll be doubly horrified if he finds out about the bedroom stunts I’ve been perfecting with Ford and his stepsons.

Before filming ends, I need to know if I have a future with these three complicated men, or if we’ll miss our chance at a Hollywood-style happy ending.

This is a full-length, steamy reverse harem romance featuring three amazing men you’ll fall in love with. No cheating. No cliffhangers. But definitely a happily ever after.

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