I started working at Cassidy Ranch as a research project. I never expected to fall in love. But after meeting the rugged Cassidy brothers? I’m definitely falling head-over-heels for three cowboys. Mason, the eldest Cassidy brother, goes about his ranch work with a calm confidence–which is as unmovable as hisContinue Reading

When the pitcher becomes the catch, all bets are off… Baseball pitcher, Anders Verbeck, is blindsided when he meets the star batter for the USA women’s baseball team. He’s at the top of his game, with a host of willing fangirls, but the moment Brooke comes hurling into his life,Continue Reading

A lost fox. A gorgeous ghost. And an unlikely partnership to stop a murderer. Since his mother’s murder, Sage McKinley doesn’t live, he exists. His weak magic has made him an outcast, shadowing his life with self-doubt. All that changes when the spirit of a gunslinger appears in his bookstoreContinue Reading

All I want for Christmas is one stern daddy. Heartbroken and alone is not the way I want to spend the holidays. Little did I know Santa has other ideas. Ebook available today from: Amazon eBook Price: FREE TODAY Free on KUContinue Reading

Spend some time with these five sexy boss brothers and the ladies who capture their hearts. The only dilemma you’ll have is choosing your favorite couple! Grab a cool drink and settle in for some sizzling love stories! Book One — Second Chance Baby In walks my past, hotter thanContinue Reading

A curse, a vision, and a secret. With a flimsy piece of evidence and a Psychic vision, “Miss Butterfly”, crashes the Reyes Brother’s charity fundraiser hoping one of them believes in curses. She has a devastating secret and they may be her last chance to get answers. Fearing the afflictionContinue Reading