Therese “Tree” S, from Louisville, Kentucky had this to stay about her quarantine…

“I have had a great quarantine.  Eight years ago I started working for my church on the weekends, along with my 40-hour work week.  I am single, primary caregiver, and live with, my 92 year old Mother.  So I take care of meals, our home and small flower garden.  The few times I have had any time off, a few days here and there, I do not get a lot done.  Since the quarantine started 3 weeks ago, I have thoroughly cleaned most (2 rooms to go) of our home.  I cannot begin to tell you of the massive amount of donations we will be making to GoodWill once they re-open.  And how nice all the furniture is shining, drawers are tidy and closets organized.  It is tiring, and I sleep well at night.  I take the weekends off and read.

So far, my boss is still paying us.  So I have had a great three weeks.  But I am looking forward to more reading time! I love all romance with the exception of paranormal, alien, shifter – give me a real man!  Since I am single, anything else goes, sweet, erotic, dark, BDSM, ménage….. alpha males and strong females …. love it!”Continue Reading

Shannon C from Delta, BC, Canada has the following very useful advice:

“The best advice I can give is two-fold. First be mindful of your sources of new info. Don’t believe everything you hear or read. Fact check against reputable scientific documentation. Second, don’t OD on the news. It’s easy to get sucked into it and let it consume all your thoughts. Check once a day in order to stay informed, then shut the rest off. Move your mental energy onto the things that make you happy. It makes a huge difference with mental health.”Continue Reading

A big hello to Susan P from Queensland (Australia!) who has been very busy lately…

“Usually we are not home at this time of the year as we trip around in the caravan but that is not allowed now. I am doing the spring cleaning I did not do last year because of the drought. We garden a lot, always have, and grow our own vegetables and fruit, only have a suburban block, read an awful lot, walk long distances (still allowed out to exercise) do a lot of craft, crocheting and weaving, and husband is always in his shed working on a project. We also play cards (usually with friends but that is no longer on the books so it is just us) I love to cook so am doing a lot of that although that is nothing new, keep in touch with scattered family via FaceTime and phone.

We are thinking of you all over there. Stay safe.”Continue Reading

Mary F contacted us with the following advice…

“Make sure to spend as much time as possible, interacting with your family, if you have one. Play games, tech, & others, teach each other, cook other domestic shores. Watch movies, talk about them. Write letters, cards, etc to others. Share yourself with each other.”

Thanks, Mary! Those are some great ideas!Continue Reading

Thanks to Cécile S who contacted us to share that…

I’m distracting myself with DE, Paranormal Erotica, and BDSM novels.
I can recommend my method, because HOTDAMN! It works!

Thanks, Cécile. I hope many more of the BrazenBookshelf family are using your “method”… I know I am!Continue Reading