Therese S is keeping busy while off work

Therese “Tree” S, from Louisville, Kentucky had this to stay about her quarantine…

“I have had a great quarantine.  Eight years ago I started working for my church on the weekends, along with my 40-hour work week.  I am single, primary caregiver, and live with, my 92 year old Mother.  So I take care of meals, our home and small flower garden.  The few times I have had any time off, a few days here and there, I do not get a lot done.  Since the quarantine started 3 weeks ago, I have thoroughly cleaned most (2 rooms to go) of our home.  I cannot begin to tell you of the massive amount of donations we will be making to GoodWill once they re-open.  And how nice all the furniture is shining, drawers are tidy and closets organized.  It is tiring, and I sleep well at night.  I take the weekends off and read.

So far, my boss is still paying us.  So I have had a great three weeks.  But I am looking forward to more reading time! I love all romance with the exception of paranormal, alien, shifter – give me a real man!  Since I am single, anything else goes, sweet, erotic, dark, BDSM, ménage….. alpha males and strong females …. love it!”

Wow, Therese, you’re a busy lady! I’m so glad your boss is still paying you guys, this is a very stressful time for those who aren’t able to work. We totally agree with enjoying all the different story heat levels, who can resist a HEA? Not us!