Keeping the Boss's Baby: A Secret Baby Romance by Ava Storm

I was focused on my business.
Not my failed engagement.

I had no more time for women who were only after my money.
Then she sat down next to me.
She was honest, raw, and in pain.
Not to mention the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen.
One night together and we both forgot our troubles for a few hours.
Now two years later she walks back into my life.
Despite my better judgement, I give her a job.
One that keeps her a little too close to me.
Just where I want her. Always.
Now the walls are tumbling down around me.
Paige isn’t who I thought she was, and worse yet,
She’s keeping a secret that will blow my whole world apart.

A secret that looks a hell of a lot like me.Continue Reading

Capturing the Bride (The Kidnap Club Book 1) by Samantha Holt

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Karen vs Alien by Loki Renard

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