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This week, our collection features a wickedly hot boxset, the latest release from Madison Faye, a blazing romance with a hot firefighter and a sumptuously dark romantic thriller.

Cavern of Pleasures Boxset: Georgian Regency Romance by Em Brown
Cavern of Pleasures Boxset: Georgian Regency Romance by Em Brown

Cavern of Pleasures

by Em Brown

These titled men aren’t afraid to walk on the wild side when it comes to seducing their ladies. And as they’re drawn further into the enticing world of the Cavern of Pleasures, will they find their hearts tamed instead?

A delectable box set!

If you like your romances scorching, brimming with sumptuous settings, and full of passion with swoon-worthy alphas who have met their match, then dare to enter the Cavern of Pleasures. Grab this boxset today and get ready for some wickedly hot reading!

Bait by Madison Faye
Bait by Madison Faye


by Madison Faye

There’s bad, and inappropriate, and scandalous, and wrong.

And then there’s giving your v-card to your gorgeous and dominant high school government Professor, on his desk, five minutes after you turn eighteen.

Oh I’ve been a bad, bad girl…

Winchester Academy is home to a lot of things – the spoiled rich kids of the world’s elite, ivy-covered walls, typical high school drama and angst, and him – Professor Oliver Bard. Dominant, alpha, and completely freaking gorgeous.

I know he looks at me, even if he sees me as forbidden fruit—tempting and off-limits. But I’ve been obsessed with him for way, way too long, which is why I purposefully got myself thrown into his infamous “midnight detention” on the eve of my eighteenth birthday.

Just the two of us, alone, watching the clock tick down.

Yesterday, this would be illegal. Today, it’s just plain wrong. Wrong, sick, morally reprehensible, and achingly hot.

This could ruin him, and put a scarlet letter on my back for the rest of high school. But once I feel those big hands on me, and once I get a taste of his perfect, forbidden mouth, and once he shows me things I’ve only ever dreamed about, imagining him, I know there’s no going back.

I know I should say no, but that’s a little hard to do when his mouth and hands and…well, other things are only making me scream “yes, professor”…

Ignite The Spark Between Us (Searing Saviors Book 4) by Weston Parker
Ignite The Spark Between Us (Searing Saviors Book 4) by Weston Parker

Ignite the Spark Between Us

by Weston Parker

I’ll never love again after losing my wife.

There’s no time for it anyway.

My daughter is my main focus, along with fighting fires for a living.

I’ve closed up my heart and decided the bachelor life is for me.

Or that was the plan.

And yet there’s something about my daughter’s teacher.

The woman unravels me—one smile at a time.

Too bad she’s off limits.

A casual fling would be nice. But no, it’s not right.

Unfortunately, the pretty woman who’s staining my dreams disagrees.

She wants what I want, and so much more.

No matter how badly I fight it, all bets are off, and I’m losing this battle.

She lights a fire inside me that rivals the ones I’ve dedicated my life to fighting.

And no matter how much I fight it, this woman is mine.

Now. Tomorrow. Forever.

Deadly: A Dark Romantic Thriller (The Agency Book 4) by Sansa Rayne
Deadly: A Dark Romantic Thriller (The Agency Book 4) by Sansa Rayne


by Sansa Rayne

My bosses want Daisy dead, but I can’t keep her locked away forever. Protecting her means taking drastic measures: betrayal, deception… even training Daisy to kill…

To protect Daisy from a ruthless crime family, expert assassin Frost captures her and hides her in his dungeon. 

Their burning passion grows, but will her dark secrets destroy their chance for love?