Caveman Alien’s Curse (Caveman Aliens Book 20)

He’s the worst bully.
And he’s my only way off this horrific planet…

– Nichelle –
I was aiming a gun at a dragon.
A dragon the natives just call ’the Curse’.
Then, suddenly the gun was in his hand and he was choking me for fun.

Now he’s carrying me on his shoulder like hunted-down prey, sauntering through the deadly jungle as if he owned it. Giant alien dinosaurs flee wildly to get out of his way.
His beauty hypnotizes me, terrifies me and makes me feel plain and small by comparison. But he keeps staring at me in the most invasive way, so he can’t find me that repulsive. The bulge in his shining, tight pants seems to agree.

My mind is all muddled and twisted. I want to escape. But I also want to strip naked, throw myself at him and demand that he impregnate me.

I have to control myself. My only chance of getting home to Earth depends on me killing him.
But despite all his abuse and mean words, I’m starting to think that he’s really trying to be nice…

– Betruchael – I can barely believe my luck. This small female of a lesser species carried gold.
Gold from the hoard of another dragon, even.

I will use this alluring creature to find the rest of the hoard and steal it. Only then can I leave this stinking swamp of a planet.
And she will keep me company while I search.

Judging from her luxuriously round shape and terrified eyes, she will be unusually pleasant company until I dispose of her in the most entertaining way.
Whether she wants to or not…

Caveman Alien’s Curse is the twentieth book in the Caveman Aliens series of science fiction romance novels. It’s an alien abduction romance between an evil dragon alien and a feisty girl from Earth.
Expect steamy scenes, mysterious aliens with features like adult toys, deadly planets and the love story between a girl from Earth and a sensationally hot and dangerous dragon shifter!

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Caveman Alien’s Curse (Caveman Aliens Book 20)