Bossed Around (Stealing His Heart Book 1)

Everett Lowell thought he knew what to expect when he started working for Kate Saunders – but he never expected this.

Kate Saunders has a ruthless reputation as the CEO of her family business. Difficult, demanding, bi*ch; she rules with an iron fist to survive in a man’s world. All she wants is someone who can do the job she pays them for without any drama.

Enter Everett Lowell, single dad, personal assistant temp. He’s hard working, can follow instructions, and really knows how to do his job; he’s everything Kate is looking for.

He’s also everything she didn’t know she needed. Kate has always known her business had to come first if she wanted to be taken seriously, above a relationship, a family, a life. Her handsome PA challenges everything she thought she wanted.

Can Kate keep it strictly business with Everett, or is there a merger on the cards?

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Bossed Around (Stealing His Heart Book 1)