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March, 10th, 2021.

A Victim, A Viscount, And Miss Mifford
(Regency Murder and Marriage Book 2)

Having come to the realisation that the life of a spinster is only glamorous when one is rich and doesn’t live with one’s mother, Miss Jane Mifford decides that it is high time she finds herself a man. Fortuitously one – quite literally – lands at her feet in the shape of Mr Ivo Bonville. Handsome, charming, and rich, Mr Bonville is not the usual bachelor one finds in the Cotswolds. Unfortunately, Mr Bonville is soon accused of murdering the local viscount, Lord Crabb, in order to inherit his title. Convinced that a man that handsome – er, kind – cannot possibly be capable of murder, Jane sets out to clear Mr Bonville’s name.

Having neither needed nor desired to become a viscount, Ivo Bonville finds himself most vexed when he is accused of murdering his host for his title. As the local constable is too bone-idle to even button up his breeches, Ivo realises that if he wants to clear his name he must do so himself. Thankfully, help is on hand from the delightful local beauty, Miss Mifford, and together she and Ivo begin their investigation.

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Private Property (Rochester Trilogy Book 1)

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When I signed up for the nanny agency,
I didn’t expect a remote mansion on a windswept cliff.
Or a brooding billionaire who resents his new role.
His brother’s death means he’s now in charge of a moody seven year old girl.
She’s lashing out at the world, but I can handle her.
I have to.
I need the money to finish my college degree.
As long as I can avoid the boss who alternately mocks me and coaxes me to reveal my darkest secrets.

Heat Level 4

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Squall Line

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Lie. Steal. Maim. Destroy.
Do whatever it takes. Except this.
I’m breaking the only rule. I’m taking a hostage. But the fiery redhead destroyed my plans and left me no choice.
Now all our lives are at risk because of the woman who holds my heart captive. Grace may have started my downfall, but she could also be my salvation.

He’s trouble-with a capital T.
I knew Warwick was dangerous the second he set foot on my ship. Nothing good can come from a man like that. And now, the good-for-nothing pirate took me hostage.
But his attitude and tattoos can’t cover up what’s hiding beneath. The real man there.
The one I’m slowly losing my heart to.

War and Grace.
Dark and light.
Love and hate.
This storm may destroy them both…

Heat Level 4

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My Saving Grace

Grace VanRyan has her life mapped out.

Law school, a career with ABC, and a bright future ahead of her.

Until Jaxson Richards steps into the picture. He’s everything she hasn’t planned for.

Older, sexy, off-limits.

And her new boss.

When the passion between them explodes, will her life blow up along with it?

Heat Level 4

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Shark: A Dark Billionaire Romance (Wall Street Beasts)

He’s a shark. She’s going to be devoured.

Sophie was an innocent college graduate when she took a job at Apex Corporation.
Now she’s going down as a scapegoat for a string of financial crimes carrying lifetime sentences.
Oh, and treason.

There’s no reason for brutal billionaire Alex Roth to save her. He warned her to stay out of it. She didn’t listen. The consequences are hers to bear. That’s how it works.
He didn’t get where he is by making exceptions. And he certainly didn’t get to his position by showing mercy.
So why is he saving her?
And what will it cost her?

Alex is a shark.
Like all sharks, he’ll devour his prey.
Except this time, the prey is bait.
And he’s not the only predator on the prowl.

Heat Level 5