A Victim, A Viscount, And Miss Mifford (Regency Murder and Marriage Book 2)

Having come to the realisation that the life of a spinster is only glamorous when one is rich and doesn’t live with one’s mother, Miss Jane Mifford decides that it is high time she finds herself a man. Fortuitously one – quite literally – lands at her feet in the shape of Mr Ivo Bonville. Handsome, charming, and rich, Mr Bonville is not the usual bachelor one finds in the Cotswolds. Unfortunately, Mr Bonville is soon accused of murdering the local viscount, Lord Crabb, in order to inherit his title. Convinced that a man that handsome – er, kind – cannot possibly be capable of murder, Jane sets out to clear Mr Bonville’s name.

Having neither needed nor desired to become a viscount, Ivo Bonville finds himself most vexed when he is accused of murdering his host for his title. As the local constable is too bone-idle to even button up his breeches, Ivo realises that if he wants to clear his name he must do so himself. Thankfully, help is on hand from the delightful local beauty, Miss Mifford, and together she and Ivo begin their investigation.

As the pair attempt to whittle down the long list of suspects with a motive to murder Lord Crabb, Ivo finds himself falling in love with the brave and beautiful Miss Mifford – but can he prove his innocence and prove to Miss Mifford that he wants her as his bride?

This Cozy Regency Romance is the second book in the Regency Murder and Marriage Series but can also be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel.

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