Wicked Hot Magic (Protectors of Salem Strikeforce Book 1)

There’s a new strike team in Salem.

Three hot guys… and me. I’m Max: part-time demon hunter, brand new witch, and all-around tough girl.

I’m on a mission to save Father Gabriel, the only person in my life that ever cared. When an exorcism goes bad, demons drag him down to the fiery pits of Hades. I’m going to get him back, but I can’t do it alone.

The Protectors of Salem add me to their elite hit squad with three hardcore warriors who are supposed to help me come into my powers and pull off this rescue mission. It’s going to take a miracle for us to all get along.

Erik: Salem Academy’s lethal killer. He’s way too overprotective and his muscles distract me from my training. Just because he was my brother’s best friend in the Special Forces doesn’t give him the right to hold me back—or to claim a piece of my heart.

Noah: cocky warlock. That irritating smirk comes out whenever I mess up, but I can tell I get under his skin. I’m not sure either of us are ready for the explosion that’ll happen if we find a way to work together and combine our powers.

Tristan: he’s a Fae…need I say more? He sticks out in Salem Academy like a sore thumb—well, a hot one, anyway. I’m keeping an eye on him. The underbelly of demon politics is riddled with Fae influence and his connections can either help us… or betray us.

Muscle, magic, and deviance: that’s my team. Maybe Salem Academy knew what they were doing when they recruited me. Or maybe Father Gabriel will have answers about my past that I never saw coming.

But first? We’ve got some demons to destroy.

Please note: This book was previously published with the same title, with the series name “Salem Academy.”

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