Secret Baby 4 the SEAL’s: Military Reverse Harem Romance (Alphas and their Queens)

“WANTED: Four Scorching Hot Navy SEALs looking for one Royal Duchess impersonator they can share on Valentine’s Day.”

Well, the ad didn’t say that… but it should’ve.
It also should’ve said:

“WARNING. Your new boss is your baby’s daddy who went MIA five years ago.”

Now, Captain Delicious daddy and his band of 3 hunks-in-arms want me to play the damsel.
Four skilled and dangerous men hell-bent on worshiping every inch of me.

Kris, with his no nonsense stoic attitude.
Adam, with his playful smile and wise cracking charm.
Liam, with his chiseled jawline and intimidating stature.
And Charlie, the soft spoken genius with abs on loan from Adonis himself.

They all want to share me as their Valentine.
I’m gonna let them.

This bond we’re building is as strong as they come.
But my secret could ruin everything…

One of them is my son’s real daddy but I’d like to play house with all four.

This Reverse Harem Romance is full of suspense, drama, secret baby’s, and sexy tension just waiting to boil over. There’s no cheating and they all live happily ever after!

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