Trick or Treat: A Four After Dark Halloween Reverse Harem Romance Novella

Four men masked in sinfully seductive costumes have me under their spell.

With a name like Sabrina, I embrace all things spooky. I love black cats, haunted houses, and crisp, fall nights that send a tingle down your spine. I never pass up a chance to celebrate Halloween, but at the dark and decadent costume party at Club Red, I might be in over my head, witch’s hat and all.

I’ve been to the male revue club before, but tonight it’s full of dozens more men, mingling among the crowd, all of them so gorgeous it’s scary.

There’s one dressed as a vampire who, when he invites me to dance, digs his thick fingers into my hip and his fangs into my neck.

A dancer in a skin-tight skeleton bodysuit shows me moves that make me want to jump his bones.

The playful mad scientist’s costume would be comical, if it weren’t for the way his open lab coat reveals his exquisitely chiseled torso.

Most frightening of all, there’s the horned demon, with his dark eyes and tempting mouth. He wants to possess me, and I’m afraid I might let him.

These four men have my head spinning and my pulse pounding, and then I realize they might not be what they seem.

I don’t know if it’s a trick or much more treat than I can possibly handle.

Trick or Treat is a reverse harem Halloween novella, a sweet and spicy little treat to celebrate the season. It’s shorter than most Stephanie Brother books, but every bit as satisfying!

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Trick or Treat: A Four After Dark Halloween Reverse Harem Romance Novella