My Second Chance: A Secret Baby Romance

Secrets always have a way of coming back to bite you,
And I’m about to get bit big time…

Graham was the star pitcher of our high school team,
I was the theater nerd I never thought he’d notice.
Until one day he did, and it changed my life forever.
Fast forward five years and he sees me in the stands,
He gives me one hot night and a heck of a secret to keep.

Now, he’s back in our hometown,
Coaching after an injury ended his career.
I have two problems.
Graham’s working right down the hall, and sparks are flying.
One look at the little boy with his eyes and he’ll know what I’ve been hiding.

He deserves the truth. My son deserves a father.
Is it my chance at a happy ending…
Or will he hate me forever for the secret I’ve kept?

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My Second Chance: A Secret Baby Romance