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Your recommended reads for today,
July, 7th, 2021.

Shh… I’ll Be Your Savior

Strong. Silent. Sexy as hell.
Big and hard, I could climb him like a tree.
Stop fantasizing about a client!
He is off-limits!

Tex is not my usual yoga client. He’s over six feet with muscles for days. With those haunted eyes, he’s not letting ANYONE in. But old habits die hard, and when he senses I’m in trouble… He’ll do anything to protect me.

I knew I could help him.
He knew he could help me.
In more ways than one.
But will things be the same after he learns my secret?

I wasn’t ready to fall in love so hard.
Nor was I ready to become a mother.

Heat Level 4

Daddy’s Law:
An Age Gap Older Man Younger Woman Romance

He’s twenty years older.
HOT single daddy.
And my very bossy bodyguard.
It’s naughty and sooo tempting.
But a scandal like this could ruin everything.

I’ve always been a good girl.
Played by all the rules.
But now my inner bad girl wants out.

Theo is enigmatic. Incurably broken…
And incurably fine.
And what makes me desire him even more is that he’s one h*ll of a father.

Should I be more worried about the dangerous men after me…
Or the inappropriate feelings I have for my much older bodyguard?!

Heat Level 5

Choose your Heat!
Heat Level 1: Clean romance (no swearing or on-page steam)
Heat Level 2: Sweet romance (mild swearing and some sensual scenes)
Heat Level 3: Middle of the Road, some on-page naughtiness
Heat Level 4: Steamy on page scenes and language
Heat Level 5: Explicit/Graphic – hot, hot, hot!

Mean Right Hook:
A SciFi Romance Novella

Leah’s stuck in a tenuous mining cage with a silent, rugged alien miner with mighty fists and shocking fangs—who keeps pulling her into his massive arms and inhaling her scent.

When the cage starts hurtling towards certain disaster Leah’s about to discover the true meaning of the term, “mating compatible.”

Heat Level 4

Heart of Hope: Books 5-8

Five of your all-time favourite book boyfriends – now available as a box set collection.

Includes a BRAND NEW NOVELBillionaire Boss’ Secret Baby. – available in this box set for a limited time only
And BONUS DELETED SCENES to ALL NOVELS (exclusively written for this box set)

Get ready for the swooniest, most delicious, binge-worthy collection of 2021.

(Warning: This collection is not for you if you cannot handle witty banter, emotions, tears of joy and chemistry so hot that it will set your Kindle on fire).

Heat Level 5

(The Dragon Kings Book 1)

I hunt dragons.

Well, not really, I use my camera and I manage to get some awesome pics. Too bad everyone else is terrified of them.

Though, I guess given my history of doing anything for an adrenaline rush, people shouldn’t be surprised that I spend every weekend scaling the mountains in Yellowstone in the hopes that I can get close to one.

What people don’t know is that I’m a thrill seeking junkie so that I don’t have to think about the man from my past who destroyed me.

When his doppelganger shows up at the coffee shop where I work, I try to hide, but he won’t leave me alone because he wants to hunt down the dragons with me.

Heck, no.

But then people in the park start dying and everyone thinks it’s the dragons. I have to prove that it’s not which means I might have to trust the one man I can’t bear to look at.

If I don’t, the dragons might be destroyed forever…

Billionaire in the Caribbean

Sam has a sizzling love affair with British billionaire Hart Baldwin during a business trip in the Caribbean but things take a surprising turn when she realizes he’s her boyfriend’s new boss!

Heat Level 5