Sparks fly… but she’s pretending to be something she’s not.

Our recommended read for today,
April, 11th, 2021.

Ridiculously and undenaibly hot stories to binge: Entering Stronghold is the first box set in the Stronghold Doms series – you’ll adore the stores and crave the lifestyle… but beware: lava hot scenes inside!

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Entering Stronghold (Stronghold Doms Boxset Book 1)

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Three sizzling hot romances bundled together for ultimate heat!

The Sassy Submissive – Master Adam has trust issues. Angel is pretending to be something she’s not. What could possibly go wrong?

Taming the Tease – A hot neighbor romance with a kinky twist. Master Rick knows better than to get involved with his sexy, curvy neighbor. There’s no way she can handle his needs… right?

Mastering Lexie – She’s his best friend’s little sister and that should mean hands off, but Lexie wants Master Patrick’s hands all over her and she’s willing to go to great lengths to get them there.

What the Reviews Say

Golden Angel knows how to capture the reader’s full attention and gives them a story that sets the pages on fire. Seriously, the steam factor is unbelievable. My only advice, make sure you have set aside enough time to read because you won’t be able to stop after a couple of pages. You’ll want to read the entire story at once!

This Box Set is full of sexy times that are HOT HOT HOT, so hot that they set things on fire HOT. Plus, and this was my favorite part, the humorous moments of girl’s nights. Those girls would get into trouble, and I would die laughing until my sides hurt!

Want to meet the Doms of Stronghold? Maybe the submissives who have found a place in their hearts? Or just be a voyeur of the scenes so carefully planned out? This is where you’ll find it. Some will make you laugh, cry, frustrated, anger, and HOT. But none will leave you untouched. 

Having never read and of golden’s books before I wasn’t sure of what to expect, but what I found were some wonderfully written stories, strong characters and a boxset that I definitely couldn’t put down.

The Stronghold Dom books in this series are so great. Golden Angel writes a really hot, erotic story, it flows so well, the hours pass quickly because I can’t stop reading. I love how the characters from the other books continue in the next book because I really want to continue their story also. I also love the friendship all these people share. Wow, girls’ nights are especially wonderful. If you haven’t already purchased some of this series, do it, you will not be sorry, they are great books.