Her Men of Honor: Power of Love Reverse Harem Collection

The ultimate fantasy becomes a heart-pounding reality from author Roma James in this 4-book collection of steamy reverse harem suspense with alpha military men as edgy as they are protective.

Revelations – The old me would’ve laughed – or maybe run – at the thought of being in a relationship with three men. But these guys have stolen my heart, and I’m starting to realize it can’t be any other way.

Crossroads – Live. Love. No regrets. That’s what I vowed to do, and keeping that promise to myself means letting in a kind of relationship the old me wouldn’t have dreamed of.

Destinies – It’s crazy how much room there is for love when you open your heart and your mind. It’s time to listen to my heart and explore these unconventional relationships.

Illusions – Three best friends who want to make me their world – but is there room in my heart for everyone? I know I can’t wait for a signal from the universe unless I’m willing to open my heart.

***Her Men of Honor is a collection of the Power of Love reverse harem romance series for fans of heroines who don’t have to choose and men who vow passion and protection. HEA.***

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