Rock Gods Don’t Date Pop Princesses (Break the Rules Book 1)

From USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Tabatha Kiss comes a hilarious new fake relationship/second chance/lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers rockstar romance that begs the question: Can a rock god date a pop princess?

No. Absolutely not.

I’m Knox Benton, lead singer of Criminal Records, the hottest rock band in the nation. What I say goes and I say that rock gods don’t date pop princesses.

Unfortunately, our record label disagrees.

They want to pair me up with a fake girlfriend on our upcoming tour. Just a teeny tiny publicity stunt to keep the cameras flashing on Criminal Records while highlighting their new sizzling-hot rising popstar.

It’d be an interesting ruse… if I didn’t break into a cold sweat at the mention of her name.

Hey, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to keep Criminal Records at number one.
Except her.
Please, anyone but her.

Harmony Max.
My ex-girlfriend.
My former muse.

She always wanted to be a star. Now’s her chance and she’ll do anything to take her rightful place in the spotlight. Even putting our torrential past behind us and calling a truce in the name of mutually beneficial stardom.

But if we’re doing this, we need to lay some ground rules.
No unnecessary touching.
No shared hotel rooms.
We don’t even speak to each other unless there’s a camera nearby.

And most of all… we don’t fall in love.

We broke every rule before, along with each other’s hearts. I’m not eager to do that again, but there are only so many fake kisses one can give before they start to feel a little too real.

Can we rewrite our love song? Or are we doomed to repeat the same heartbreaking track ever after?

Rock Gods Don’t Date Pop Princesses is the first sizzling-hot and spicy book in a brand-new series, Break the Rules! Dive into the decadent world of rock ‘n’ roll where the ultimate rock god faces off against the pop princess who once set his heart on fire. Sparks fly, egos clash, and passions rekindle in a truly outrageous tale of fame, forbidden desires, and a love that refuses to follow the rules.

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Rock Gods Don’t Date Pop Princesses (Break the Rules Book 1)