Red Hot Nights: A Steamy Older Man – Younger Woman Romance

The first time I lay eyes on the man of my dreams, I mistake him for someone else and chew him out. Talk about embarrassing!

Now the handsome father of my favorite student is all I can think about—but if it weren’t for the yelling and an unfortunately placed chalk handprint on the front of my blouse at our parent-teacher meeting, I doubt Spencer Townsend would remember me at all. Like I said, it was mortifying.

My roommates warn me that falling for a single father is beyond complicated. Spencer has no time for anything other than his engineering career and his sweet little boy. My heart goes out to both of them, and I want to help.

It takes a little while, but I find some ways to lend a hand. I guide his son through a special project. I pick up the slack when Spencer has to work late. Soon, we’re acting like a family, but it’s just that—an act. From the way Spencer sometimes looks at me, I’m pretty sure he’d like to be more than friends. We’ve even shared a few heart-stopping kisses. But that’s not the same as a real relationship.

His son loves me, and Spencer needs me, but I’m not sure he’ll ever prioritize his own desires. Until he does, I have to protect my heart.

But I suspect it might be too late.

Red Hot Nights is a steamy romance novella with no cheating and a happy ending.

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