Primal: A Dark Alien Romance (Primal Planet)

Trapped on a primal world, I am at the mercy of an alien alpha.
We could not be two more different creatures.
Thorn is massive and scaled.
He has been designed by nature to dominate every living thing he encounters.

Me? I’m small. Soft. Curvy. And I live to break the rules.
He captures me easily, but keeping me will be harder.
With every escape attempt, my alien alpha gets even more primal.

He’s going to strip me of everything.
My pride. My resistance. My purity.
He’s going to make me submit to him.
He’s going to make it as painful as it needs to be.
And he’s going to make it so hot I melt for him.

I am his captive.
And he is my new primal master.

Primal is a dark alien romance featuring captive themes. Mature readers only, please.

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Primal: A Dark Alien Romance (Primal Planet)