One Wild Weekend with Connor: A Free Steamy Forced Proximity Trapped Together Romance

Her dirty little secret is about to make headlines…

I messed up, big time.

I let a stranger, a wanted man, a criminal, in my bed… and my heart.

He’s a wounded fugitive, and I saved his life. I offered him shelter in my beach house.

And he offered something in return; something sinful, delicious, and reckless.

He more than filled the space Scott left; he left me wondering how I can ever move on while my brain asked Scott who?

After being trapped in my beach house for the weekend, waiting out a storm, he makes promises he can’t keep.

Promises I know better than to believe.

He just needs a place to hide, and I’m the silly woman falling for his charm, his swagger, his dangerously good looks.

And when he kisses me, all bets are off. I make a big mistake. One that will cost me my heart, my quiet life, my squeaky-clean reputation, and possibly a whole lot more.

No one was supposed to find out. But our secret is about to become frontpage news.

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