not bored: Elizabeth’s Trilogy Book 1 (Sweet Existence)

A carton of ice cream and an infomercial changed my life…
My future went exactly as planned.
Become High School Valedictorian ___ Check
Graduate College Summa Cum Laude ___ Check
Get a Good Job ___ Check
Become Financially Independent ___ Check
Have Fun ____?
Making those things happen never left time for school dances, boyfriends or even a single real date. Not that it mattered, since guys never looked at the tall chubby nerdy girl.
Now, I’m a thirty-something woman and I still might as well be invisible. No one sees me anyway. Working six days a week and spending most of the seventh doing laundry or watching TV doesn’t leave time for much else. How did the perfect life become boring?
When my best friend agrees to jump into the exciting unknown with me, endless opportunities appear.
None of them make my heart flutter until I see him. How can a man I’ve only glimpsed across a room make me feel like this?

This trilogy is a slow burn romance, but Liz will get her happily ever after … eventually.

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