Born-to-sizzle single dads don’t play nice.

Our recommended read for today,
February, 4th, 2021.

Single dad + pretend nanny + bengal tiger = one hot romance. The Hero I Need Is a growly single dad romance filled with fast pace suspense, humor and fiery chemistry. Your next favorite read from Nicole Snow.

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The Hero I Need: A Small Town Romance

Wall Street Journal bestselling author Nicole Snow returns with a hilariously intense small-town love story where two star-crossed hearts and one snarly tiger ignite a romance up-roar.

He knew I was trouble the instant I showed up with a stolen Bengal tiger.
But Grady McKnight didn’t flinch like a sane person—he took us in.
Bruce the tiger found shelter. I met a hero grump. And Grady got a hot mess.
Namely, me.
Born-to-sizzle single dads and rogue zoologists don’t play nice.

So freaking what if I said I’m his nanny?
We needed a story when his two sweet daughters barged in.
Hiding a contraband tiger isn’t easy.
Neither is pretending he isn’t sending my pulse to pitter-patter heaven.

Cupid, you sneaky little nugget.
There’s only room for one hulking, growly, mesmerizing beast in my life.
I don’t belong at warm family dinners, or in the fortress of his arms.
Saving Bruce is my mission—not falling in love.

This won’t end well.
The longer I stay, the more he grins.
Walls come crashing down.
And my heart becomes willing prey for his carnivorous eyes.
I must resist Grady flipping McKnight.
Even if a scared, aching part of me knows I’m already his.Even if I know he’s the hero I need…

What the Reviews Say

I was so invested in this story that I forgot I actually wasn’t really there! Hot, emotional, and hard to put down.

To say I loved Willow and Grady’s story in The Hero I Need would be the understatement of the year…

I’m not sure what growly beast I loved more, Grady McKnight or Bruce the Bengal Tiger. This story has fast paced suspense, humor and enough heat between Grady and Willow to start a bonfire.

There are powerful emotional currents, life lessons, and wisdom that you might not expect to find. Plus, the passionate scenes are enough to fog up your eyeglasses…wow.

This author is the undisputed queen of the descriptive phrase, rendering each and every sentence a joy to read. She infuses so much emotion in even the simplest terms, while making each character so real that it’s easy to forget it’s fiction.