Ella and the Wolf Prince (The Cursed Princes Book 1)

Ella hides in the palace garden, yearning to see the grand ball. She never expects to bear witness to the prince’s dark secret.
Ella steals across the palace grounds, stumbling in her broken and ill-fitting shoes. Her only wish is to catch a glimpse of the life she once knew. Palace parties are no longer for the likes of her. When two men stalk across the gardens, she’s shocked to discover that the tall, imposing one is none other than the Crown Prince. Even more shocking is what happens next.

Under the light of the rising full moon, the handsome prince sheds his formal attire and turns into a fierce wolf.

Retreating, Ella prays that he hasn’t seen her. Or detected her scent.

Too late.

Their next encounter brings an unexpected proposal, one she should refuse. She knows that he only wants to marry her to ensure that his curse remains a secret, but she can’t resist the way his touch sets her body on fire and allows him to sweep her away.

Can Ella and Luke find their happily ever after, or will her vengeful stepmother and his secrets destroy them?

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Ella and the Wolf Prince (The Cursed Princes Book 1)